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Katie Brayson "Miss Christmas Angel Queen 2013" also won Photogenic Queen title  with this photo we took of her.



 We have started doing themed parties!  Do you have a birthday, holiday or any kind of party you want to throw and make  it a themed party 4-10 people or kids choose a theme (Mobsters, movies, music, bands, 50's and 60's looks anything) You then  find your own outfits for the party and we decide on a location as well.    Each person pays $15 for the session if you want a hair and make up artist she charges for hair and make up. If you want a cd  it is $10 Message me for more details!

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Making Photos Beautiful, Alive and Memorable for a life time.

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Anything with the Mitchell Brown Photography logo on it is still the property of Kelly Brown and Kelly Brown Photography.

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