Portraits    ~   Adults/Families/Kids

Below are packages:


Packages are as follows:  Pkg A $80

                                           Pkg B $105

                                           Pkg C $130

                                           Pkg D $150


If you want photos that is outside of the Bangor Area additional fee will be applied.


Below are  Sitting fee prices


Newborn/Baby - 3 yrs  sitting fee is $10


4yrs ro 13 yrs sitting fee is $15.00


14yrs to adults sitting fee  is $25.00


Groups or Family sitting fee is $35.00

Babies & Kids

Senior Photos

Senior photo sessions (three wardrobes in a general vacinity for locations  Package is $295 includes prints, a collage and a cd)  Some areas we do sessions, Veazie train tracks and hay fields, Cascade Park, Leonards Mills, Old Town Gilman Falls River, Old Town park, Stockton Springs beach area extra $10-$25 if its outside of Bangor,  indoor studio in Bradley, or you can choose a location.